Corre Cheto

Take Cheto on an interplanetary journey solving the riddles necessary to enter the labyrinths where his objects are lost, help him to recover them being careful not to be caught by the enemies, not to fall into the abyss or crash into deadly obstacles. Play now They stimulate attention, reasoning strategies, memory, precision and logic. You develop observation, spatial orientation and laterality skills.

Inspector Pok

Inspector Pok needs your help to solve a mystery, search and sort the clues, interrogate all guests and draw your conclusions to discover this mystery. Play now Inspector POK is a math and logic video game. The child enters a game whose mechanics are different. There is no time limit or score to reach. He has the time to think and find all that information and clues that will help him solve ...


Eat all the crumbs you can, recover the objects you can to overcome obstacles and avoid the enemies to help with the preparations for this cockroach party; Guest list, go to the store, get balloons, plates, confetti. Play now Play now Through the game, the child faces problems related to the following learning objectives: - Solve addition and subtraction operations.- Recognize the missing value in an operation.- Solve operations of: multiplication and division.


Do you know what the rhythm is? Know it and practice these steps to be the sensation on any dance floor, learn what makes the songs different even using the same instruments. Play now The skills that can be developed with this game are: As an element of music. Through different types of rhythm, the child experiences and interacts with a character to be able to follow the rhythm he hears and can ...


Help create the ideal conditions to keep the body healthy, feed your microorganisms to overcome the foreign agents that want to kill you. Play now This videogame seeks that the child knows what bacteria are and some characteristics of those that inhabit the colon in a fun and intuitive way. It seeks to understand in a graphic and schematic way the importance of the balance of the normal microbial flora of the ...

Calle K

Respect is earned, get the most points by making the right decisions to have more friends and happy people around you. This game was developed with the purpose of raising awareness in the child about the value of respect, starting with respect for oneself, with self-care and respect for others, to bring it towards the recognition of respect for the environment And his community. Play now

Popol Buuu

You are Gucumutz, a god in unforgettable times. You are a bit bored and, together with the other gods, you decide to create the world. Try many materials, but be careful !, your own creatures can attack you and you will have to finish them. The Popol Buuu is a video game based on one of the mythological legends that appear in the Quiche Maya manuscript known as Popol Vuh or ...

Las Golosinas Secretas

This video game is a version of the story The Secret Treats by Juan Villoro. In it you are Fito, you love football, but you like your neighbor Rosita even more, but she just disappeared! His great enemy, Tencha, did a trick to get rid of her. Find her and help her back. To achieve this you must try the secret treats. Play now Each statement is a level to overcome; Respond ...

Brain Swapp

Collaborative game where they exchange brains. Build a team of 4 players and gather around a tablet. Exchange your brain and the answers with your team. But beware! If your answer is wrong, everyone will have it wrong. The current society is very competitive, both in the school career for better results and more titles, as in the workplace; However, there are equally important competencies: how to work with others. Increasingly, projects and works ...


Travel the world to catch the fugitives. How much do you know about geography? You will have to correctly answer questions from each country. Use google, you will arrive faster. Play now