Spicy Zombies

Spicy Zombies

You are a brave rancher, use the best chilis of your harvest to defend yourself from the zombie attack. An evil creature has infected the entire population with a virus that turns them into zombies. Save yourself! Spice up the zombies before they get your brains eaten and collect your favorite customized zombies. Specs: Play Store/Apple Store - Mobile - Casual game Learn more


Materia / Disciplina:​Ciencias Naturales - Física Objeto educativo:​La Temperatura Descripción del objeto educativo:​ Cómo reaccionan las moléculas del agua al calor Descripción del juego: ​El juego consiste en calentar las Moléculas, pasar los obstáculos y hacerlas llegar hasta el tubo, con un tiempo límite, que varía la dificultad del juego. En el 1er nivel se interactúa con el elemento fuego. En el 2do nivel el elemento hielo. El 3er nivel con generar calor por ...


You are a young farmer who sows the best potatoes, one day you discover that the stars, dressed as princesses, are stealing your crops! Lost in love with one of them you will follow her to heaven to get her love. Arriving in heaven you play as the princess, throw your rays to defeat the monsters! Play now Chakana, a video game based on a Quechua oral tradition story, brings children from ...


You need enough energy to reach the finish line. Eat was is necessary, but make sure you understand which foods give more energy and which ones help rebuild cells to succeed in this marathon. Play now There is no good or bad food; for example, fats give energy and can be stored in case we need them afterwards, although in excess they can be over stored. Carbohydrates, if not used, also end ...


Identify the tone of the medium, serious or acute notes of each score by matching the way in which each Melody interprets it, test your memory and sharpen your ear with this challenge to win all the scores. Play now